Sheryl Garrett, founder of the Garrett Planning Network, George Kinder, co-founder of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning, and many other leading financial planners are revealed in the book. Eisenberg brings other ideas to his web diary ( Like the requirements of a written notification, the lack of effect with the PSC`s Governing Council may in itself constitute a breach of the standards of conduct and be seen as an aggravating factor that further increases the seriousness of a subsequent disciplinary action against the MFF expert. In particular, the written notification requirements apply not only to the conduct of the MFF expert himself, but also to situations in which he or she is an auditor of an undertaking that triggered the rules (e.g. B in the case of an enterprise that has declared bankruptcy or has been named in an arbitral or civil award). Since the PSC expert is a comptroller of the company, the indecent behaviour of the company reflects the behaviour of the CFP expert himself. In order for PSC professionals to fulfill their obligations to provide potential clients with the necessary information and to disclose and obtain informed consent regarding essential conflicts of interest, it may not be necessary to provide written documents, but written documentation of information and information is required in all situations. Indeed, some large financial services companies, such as Northwestern Mutual, have already developed a comprehensive written document containing both the necessary written information for clients (for financial planning orders) and their main conflicts of interest. It should be noted, however, that the publicity obligations imposed by the PSC Board do not require written information on essential conflicts of interest. Instead, the rules explicitly state that written consent is not required and that oral disclosure is permitted (which the PSC Board considers « in certain circumstances there are logistical challenges in the written disclosure of material conflicts of interest, » although « evidence of oral disclosure of a conflict is weighted as the PSC`s counsel deems appropriate in its judgment. »