The Highlands County Clerk of Courts is proud to introduce an extension of our short case maintenance system, Clericus, which allows lawyers to access court records electronically. The internet-based solution provides lawyers with extensive access to the case, allowing real forensic images to be displayed online. The purpose of this system is to provide lawyers with the same information that is available to the Registrar`s staff, the resulting in greater efficiency for both the Registrar`s staff and the law firms that access the recordings. Due to Covid-19, our self-help offices are currently closed to the public. Please call the number that is listed for the office in the county where your case is submitted to get additional support. The self-help site is available here: Our circle provides resources for parties represented by themselves in internal relations matters. In all counties, resources are available online or in the office of the local administrator. Hernando, Lake and Marion Counties also have self-help offices to help. Download the Florida Courts HELP app here (Apple & Android): disclaimer: All information gathered on this site is provided as a public service and for general information purposes only.

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Once the agreement is concluded, please return the document to the author of the court for processing. Emails can be sent to, fax to 863-402-6768, and our mailing address is 590 S. Commerce Avenue, Sebring, FL, 33870. Once your consent has been processed, the access data will be made available for the website below. List of Online Course Providers for Parenting and Family Stabilization In addition to the above forms, which were set up on February 1, 2, 2018, cases concerning the State of Florida/Department of Revenue/Child Support may use the forms below and may include use by peer support programs, court clerks and the Fifth Circle Family Department: Instructions for Requesting Late Child Care Challenge (Supporting Administrative Cases) Petition for an Educational Plan with Time-Sharing schedule and support that is not related to the dissolution of marriage and instructions.