As an annual card holder with funnel option, I can`t jump from one park to another the same day with the new parking booking rules, although my fee for the annual card included this option! Disney refunds owners who paid for this option! Passports are a luxury. This is one of those things that you need to make sure you already have the money before you commit. Anything that would make this co-worker unfit for work could have happened: an accident or an illness, for example. Of course, no one expected a virus that reduced the number of people, but they shouldn`t have bought it if their budget had been so tight. He was on the edge at first. Another round of emails begins arriving this week in mailboxes for passport holders on the monthly payment plan who have decided to renew their passports. But it is not a tangible element. It`s like a service. Exactly as if you paid for gardening, etc., if they can`t provide the service, why would you pay? I am an entrepreneur and I lost in the contracts I had. I don`t get paid because I can`t do this service.

It is not a missile science here. And yes, they should reimburse passport holders, who have also paid the full. It`s a horrible idea. If Disney fails to charge the passport holder, it will simply send the account to a collection company and have it treated. I`ve worked with debt collection companies before, and personally I`ve had my pad to stay my whole life. If a Disney Nuke has been erased, would it still be my fault? I`m curious to see how they`re going to handle blackout appointments. And if you had two months to go to the AP and the parks were open around July, many of us will be obscured for about two months at that time. I hope they will stop the blackout dates (because there may be far fewer people for various reasons), either extending the passes beyond the blackout dates. Second, I heard that Disney could open in phase, with the opening of the Magic Kingdom first, and the opening of Epcot last, because it is in this kind of turbulence. In that case, I wonder how they would count « if the parks reopen »? I also heard that the gradual opening could be first premium hotels, but not parks or monorails.

Then they will open the parks later, but still no monorails, no shows, no fireworks, no parades. If that`s the case, I hope they`ll do the right thing for us AP owners. The only reason I offer this comment now is that it no longer matters, so I don`t expect the same level of passionate comments. Disney withdrew, which was the right decision from a public relations point of view two weeks ago. There remains the skilful step in maintaining goodwill among the inhabitants and supporters, which the parks will absolutely need in the months and years to come. Yup. There`s a lot of them. Hell, even Universal gives this option to its passport holders. It is as difficult a situation as it has ever been.

Disney may, however, suspend annual payments for owners as long as their parks are closed. This seems to be the right thing to do because there is no access to their parks. That`s what an EXTENSION means. The end date of your passport will be extended as many days as the park is closed. They hold more than the end of the agreement. They don`t say you have to pay, and they`re going to finish your passport again. They say you have to pay the way you would, and they`re going to give you access to the park. At least make an effort to get informed before you get on your horse high. In fact, it is $75 per person. Family passports can be very expensive. What you can afford to pay when you work is completely different from what is important if you have no income.

I`m lucky to be able to work from home, so monthly costs aren`t a problem – the problem is the park.