There is a clause in your agreement that is known as an interruption clause and that allows you to terminate the agreement prematurely Once you have received the account, you can change your address at any time. If you don`t pay the rent every week or don`t have a rental book, it`s best to keep proof of your rents, such as bank statements or receipts. Gas safety rules also apply if you accept a subtenant. This means that every year, gas appliances must be checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Proof of address may be required for a variety of reasons. If a person wishes to attend a national college or enroll their child in a local school district, proof of address may be required. As a landlord, you may receive a tenant`s request to prove that she resides in your rental unit. Barclays may accept other documents under very tight circumstances. If you do not have invoices or leases on your behalf, for example because you live with your family, you may be able to file a letter of introduction from your parents or legal guardians, provided they are also a customer of Barclays¹. The bank will then use the address of your home country (the one on your ID card) and it will need to be secured by your employer – you will publish an official company document (it should be a signed/dated/logo document) that states that you work for it and guarantee them for your specified address. If you are from the EU/EEA but do not have a UK residence address, you can open a simple bank account. In this case, the documentation you need is different – to prove your residential address you need ²: If you have a fixed-term contract, you can only leave if: It is the norm for ea to ask for ID IME, I had to take our passports when we sold. Probably with money laundering regs that seem to need all the evidence in the world of your identity and the source of your Dosh! DH lived when he worked, but everything was recorded at our original tbh address.

I don`t think he ever had to prove his address in the accommodation. I hope it was a typo, otherwise I`ll be the bearer of bad news, because 7K is the annual limit, not the monthly limit! To open a regular bank account with Barclays, you must provide an ID card and a document from the following list¹ stating that you have an up-to-date UK residency address: To operate your account without limit, you must always send a copy of your photo ID document, for example. B a passport. You can send either a proof of address like a driver`s license, or a current electricity bill, or if you don`t have proof of address handy, you can instead send a selfie with your photo card….