Example: If the marriage agreement stipulates that after the marriage, the husband has no responsibility to take care of the wife. Or the wife can receive a husband`s allowance 100USD per year. This agreement is invalidated because it is likely that the husband treats the woman only as a prostitute, which goes against good character. (see Colorado Supreme Court decision 87 Colo 149: Popham v. Duncan 1930) The Thai Prenuptial Agreement is governed by the Thai Civil and Commercial Code. It is important that you take advice from a Thai family lawyer, lawyer or lawyer, who is aware of the laws in your home country and Thailand, before preparing a marriage pact with a Thai bride. We also mentioned an example or a case study that will make you understand more and that will accompany you in the proper preparation of the agreement. It is very likely that all couples follow the second path. Because the couple may have time to review the agreement before signing it. Thailand has substantial restrictions on what can be included in a couple`s marriage agreement. According to Title III, Section 1598, of the Civil Code of Thailand, « the right to subsistence cannot be abandoned, affixed or transferred and is not subject to execution. » When a couple attempts to waive a spouse`s right to support, the provision, or even the entire matrimonial agreement, may be unenforceable.

In addition, the Thai civil code has a general requirement that a couple`s marital agreement should not be contrary to « public order or good morality » (see Chapter IV, Section 1465). If the court finds that a clause in the agreement is violated, the clause is null and fore. Similarly, a couple is not allowed to enter into contracts with respect to third-party rights (see Chapter IV, Section 1468). If a clause in the agreement violates this rule, it is deemed null and void. THAI CITIZENS: Thailand stagnial Agreement is valid and applicable under Thailand`s law Getting a Thai and English language marriage contract in Thailand can be quite simple and inexpensive if you download the model contract from this site and simply fill out the missing personal data. The parties declared the agreement that « the rental income of the condominiums is the individual property of the male party. » However, this agreement was not granted to the clerk at the time of the marriage registration. This agreement is therefore not considered a preliminary contract and rental income is considered to be the marital property of the man and the woman.