A lease is a kind of lease that you make with the person you are staying at to pay the rent. SSI has a directive that allows an applicant to enter into a tenancy agreement to pay rent and pay it back later. Most often, these types of agreements are used by someone who will rent a room, and then after the authorization, the rent will be refunded from his butt. In the absence of a formal agreement, Social Security will generally not regard this as a valid loan contract. This can cause two problems: depending on the state, the agreement may or may not be written. Other requirements are: ? According to the Social Security Guidelines: loan contracts must be achievable, unconditional and must include a concrete plan for the repayment of money. ? A lease signed before the person applies for SSI covers the entire repayment period. If it is signed a day before or a year in advance will make no difference because the SSI backpay never starts before the application date. If you request or receive SSI, you may need to create a lease agreement for this purpose. It can take many months for ISS authorization to be granted, and families sometimes borrow individual resources pending the decision and retroactive benefits. If this is considered a « gift, » funds are considered income and retroactive benefits would be reduced accordingly. However, when a family signs a loan agreement, the adult with a disability may be entitled to retroactive payments without being able to use family members for repayment. The ISM loan, or even the cash itself, is not considered by SSI to be income as long as there is an agreement and agreement between the parties to repay it.

In order to avoid the ISM, families should enter into a written rental agreement covering the person`s proportionate share of household operating costs and, if necessary, covering food. The contract must include the name of the tenant and lessor, the rental address and the amount, purpose and frequency of payment. On request, the tenant should be able to generate rental income. Families should also document rents in the area. An important condition is that the individual pays the fair value of what is received.